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MJN Technology has teamed up with leading companies in Backup & Disaster Recovery, Cyber Security, and Cloud Services to deliver exceptional service. By leveraging these companies, we have been able increase employee productivity, give peace of mind that their data is secure, recoverable and in a disaster scenario they can get them up and running with minimal down time.


  •  Secure Remote Work – Want to work from any location in a fast and secure way?  MJN has cloud and remote solutions that can keep you working from mobile devices, tablets, laptops and home computers.  We implement strong encrypted VPN and cloud connections with multi factor authentication to keep your work safe.  This includes emails, remote desktop over VPN, with Multi Factor Authentication and your desktop/documents/file shares can be accessed on mobile devices through One Drive and Sharepoint apps.
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery – What happens if your server or internet goes down?  Are your employees going to stand around for hours or days?  This is the case for many businesses, MJN Technology has the tools to prevent these costly outages.  We deploy a Backup & Disaster Recovery Appliance which can virtually run your server if it was to go down.  Are you cloud only?  Depending on internet to run your business?  We install 4G backup internet prevents internet outages.
  • Office 365 Experts – Office 365 has achieved 99.9% up-time, has Advanced Threat Protection to prevent phishing and ransomware threats, Multi-Factor Authentication and Email Encryption.  We believe this is the go to solutions for businesses that want to stay productive, safe and secure.  MJN has 95% of our clients running the Office 365 Suite, this includes Emails, Office, One Drive, SharePoint, and Teams.  We are experts in Office 365 migrations and how to implement these solutions into your business.
  • Cyber Security – Cyber Security starts with employee training 95% of data breaches are due to human error.  MJN Technology can prevent many cyber threats by combining employee training, quarterly audits, layered protection which includes DNS Filtering, Content Filtering, Managed Antivirus, Intrusion Prevention, Remote Managed Admin Privileges, Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection.  

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